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Shared Space, Shared Facilities, Shared Services

What We Do

- Mission -

Enabling small and medium sized companies (SME) to establish their own legal entity in China while keeping overhead costs low through shared resources.

- At home with Sharehouse -

Sharehouse is owned and managed by a German-Chinese team. Together we have over 30 years’ experience in helping SMEs enter the Chinese market. Through our work, we understand the adversity faced by small and medium sized companies in particular when entering the Chinese market. Sharehouse provides custom-tailored office space for your company and your staff. Also, Sharehouse residents share a reception area, conference rooms, kitchen and lounge. We provide a combination of modern office infrastructure with on-site warehousing. 

Apart from offering you solutions to these difficulties, we want Sharehouse to be a place of assurance and trust away from home.


Our Members

The Chinese market is evolving increasingly from a buyer’s to a sales market for foreign enterprises. Small and medium sized companies need to be close to their customers. In order to fulfill clients’ demands for RMB invoicing and short delivery times, establishing a company in China is a must.

centrotherm clean solutions (Nanjing) Co., Ltd
EWO Compressed Air Technology (Nanjing) Co., Ltd
Glaeser (Nanjing) Co., Ltd
Graf China Environmental (Nanjing) Co., Ltd
Lock Drives (Nanjing) Co., Ltd
Moteg Electrical Engineering (Nanjing) Co., Ltd
MIM Fitness Services (Nanjing) Co., Ltd
HEWI Fasteners (Nanjing) Co., Ltd
Pfrang Association
SPAEH Seals (Nanjing) Co., Ltd


Shared Space, Shared Facilities, Shared Services



The Sharehouse concept - saving cost by sharing resources - is the result of more than 30 years of experience in supporting small and medium-sized enterprises in their China endeavors.


Contact Us

Address: Jinma Lu 3 Maqun Scientific Park Nanjing

南京栖霞区马群科技园金马路3号 210049

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